Updated: 21.7.20
All updates regarding the Coronavirus and the Shrewsbury Shopping Shopping Centres can be found here on this page. Please read our detailed FAQs on this page for any queries regarding the Centres. Should you have any queries not answered by this page, please feel free to contact us.


1. What are the centre’s current opening hours?

In line with Government guidance, from 15th June Shrewsbury Shopping Centres will be open to the public at the following times:

Monday – Saturday: 9am – 6:00pm

Sunday: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Stores trading hours may have changed and we recommend checking with the individual store before departing. See open hours page. 

2. Which stores are open?

All individual store pages have been updated stating their current open status.

See stores page

3. When will cafes and restaurants open?

From 15th June the following cafes will be open for takeaway only, from 4th July cafes and restaurants will be able to open for table service:

  • Frankies’ Café

We recommend you check their individual website pages for more information.

See stores page 

4. Will you provide clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to people on arrival?

As part of our safe working and operating strategy, we have introduced multiple communications across the Shopping Centres, our onsite team have undergone significant briefings for new procedures in minimising the transmission of COVID-19.

we have also created a safety guidance short video which you can view on our Facebook page here.

In addition, all stores and cafes are required to be compliant with the latest Government Guidance for safe working during COVID-19 in order to remain open.

5. Have you got extra cleaning practices in place?

We have enhanced cleaning routines in place focusing major touch points in communal areas. Stores are also enhancing their own cleaning routines, following Government Guidelines.

6. Will people have to use different entrance and exiting doors?

Currently we have only enforced a one way in and one way out system at the Pride Hill entrance to the Darwin Centre. Doors in and doors out are clearly marked.

7. Will you have a one-way flow of traffic through the Centres?

Currently we do not have a one-way flow of traffic in the Centres mall space, however this is under constant review with visitor numbers.

8. How are you regulating the number of customers in the Centres and queuing in communal areas on behalf of stores?

We have introduced queue guides outside of stores, and will have an attendant managing the Pride Hill toilets queue. We ask that visitors do not queue beyond the final queue point, communicated on the floor at each queue area, if a queue is at full capacity we kindly ask you to come back when the queue is less busy.

9. Will you provide floor markings and signage to remind customers to follow social distancing wherever possible?

Yes. At every entrance there will be graphics with guidance for shopping safely while in the Shrewsbury Shopping Centres, as well as reminders throughout. We will also have recorded messages play on the centre’s PA systems reminding visitors of safe shopping guidance.

We have also recently developed a brief video which can be shared on social media detailing the latest guidance from Shrewsbury Shopping Centres. You can view this video here.

10. Will you have social distancing champions to demonstrate social distancing guidelines to customers?

As always, our onsite team will be on hand to assist with any queries that visitors may have, this includes social distancing guidance.

11. Do I have to wear a face covering / gloves?

As with public transport, from 24th July it will be mandatory to wear a face covering when visiting shops, supermarkets & indoor shopping centres. We ask all who visit Shrewsbury Shopping Centres to please wear a face covering for the wellbeing and safety of all our customers and staff.

There are a select few who are exempt from wearing face coverings in indoor public spaces such as:

  • Children under 11 years old
  • Those with disabilities, medical conditions or impairment
  • Those assisting someone who relies on lip reading to communicate
  • A full list of the Government exemptions for face coverings can be found here
  • It is not mandatory for shop staff to wear face coverings.

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please do not be alarmed if a member of our centre team ask you for your reasoning, we are just doing our part by asking visitors to follow the government guidance for the benefit of all.

Please be aware that stores and cafés can refuse entry to those who choose not to wear a face covering without a legitimate reason, when visiting Shrewsbury Shopping Centres.

For more information on face coverings click here.

The latest Government Guidelines for staying safe outside your home can be found here.

12. Do you have sanitizer onsite people can use?

Yes. We have introduced multiple hand sanitiser dispensers across all three Shrewsbury Shopping Centres. We recommend you use these as frequently as possible, every time you enter the Centres, after visiting stores or cafés and before you exit the Centres. Stores will also have hand sanitizer stations available.

13. Do you have enhanced hand washing facilities?

We have hand washing facilities in Pride Hill Shopping Centre Toilets and have installed hand sanitiser dispensers across all three centres.

14. Which toilets can the public use? Have the numbers of toilets available been reduced?

Visitors can use the toilets located on the lower level of The Pride Hill Shopping Centre. Queue management attendant will assist with traffic flow into the toilets and limiting users for everyone’s safety, if required.

Pride Hill Toilet’s

A member of the team will manage the number of occupants using the toilet facilities at any one time throughout trading hours.

Ladies Toilets – to enable us to manage social distancing measures the ladies toilets will have 4 cubicle’s open that will allow a maximum of 4 people into the area at any one time.  This will be managed by the front of house staff member at the entrance to the toilet area.  The main door leading into the toilets will be held open to reduce the need for members of public to touch the door surface.  There will be two sinks closed off from use (middle sink on each bank of three) to enable social distancing whilst washing hands.  Toilets will continue to be checked hourly to ensure soap dispensers are well stocked and cleaning standards remain high.

Male Toilets – due to the width of the corridor inside the toilet area, we will only be permitting one person into these toilets at anyone time.  This is to ensure we can manage social distancing in the area.  There will be one cubical open and the urinals will remain in use.  To avoid ques in this area, we will also be allowing male users to utilise the disabled toilet however, priority to the disabled toilet will be given to disabled users. Toilets will continue to be checked hourly to ensure soap dispensers are well stocked and cleaning standards remain high.

Disabled Toilet – As per the above, this will remain open for disabled persons and providing it is not in use, male customers may use this toilet if ques start to form for the gents.  Priority will be given to disabled users. Toilets will continue to be checked hourly to ensure soap dispensers are well stocked and cleaning standards remain high.

Baby Changing Unit – This will remain open however one user will be permitted to use this area at anyone time.  Members of the public should be made aware that we will not be providing a changing mat during this time due to the need to sanitize after every use.  Members of the public should be encouraged to utilise their own changing mat.  This area will continue to be checked hourly to ensure soap dispensers are well stocked and cleaning standards remain high.

15. What is maximum occupancy for lifts?

The public lifts operating in The Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres unfortunately do not allow space for safe distancing. Our guidance for using lifts is to only enter with members from your household, once the lift has become vacant from other users. We ask members of the public to be considerate when using the lifts.

16. Will there be hand sanitiser at lift points?

Not currently – however we have hand sanitiser stations on all the entrances and exits

17. Will you be encouraging the use of stairs/escalators wherever possible – making sure that people with disabilities are able to access lifts?

We encourage all who are able to use the escalators instead of the lifts. Escalator users must also adhere to safe distancing and allow space between other users.

18. How will you be operating your escalators?

All escalators are working as normal, however visitors must socially distance themselves from others while using, allowing 4-5 steps between each user in front and behind. The escalator connecting the Bus Station and The Darwin Centre have recently undergone significant maintenance following the severe flooding earlier this year, this escalator will be operational from 15th June.

19. Do you have a vulnerable hour each day in place?

Currently we do not plan to run a ‘vulnerable’ hour each day.

20. Do you offer reduced parking rates for NHS / emergency services staff?

The car park located off Ravens Meadows is not owned or managed by the Shopping Centres, we therefore do not have the authority to introduce a discount scheme for NHS and emergency services staff.

21. Will changing facilities still be available in individual stores?

Please see individual stores and their store websites for more information on this.

22. Will cash payments still be made in stores?

It is recommended that customers pay by contactless methods where ever possible, as much as possible. Cash will be accepted at the discretion of each individual store, but will be accepted in most cases if no other contactless payment method is possible.

23. Is the car park still operating?

Yes, the car park is still operating. Please remember to socially distance while inside the car park.

24. What Click and Collect services do you operate?

You can find a list of stores offering click and collect options here.

25. Will car park payment machines be card only and cleaned regularly?

Please check with Shropshire Council website

26. How regularly will cash points be cleaned?

The cash machine in The Darwin Centre will not be accessible for customer use at this time.