For teenagers in their last year of secondary school this year, the most exciting event will be on the horizon – Prom. A chance to dress up and feel like a Hollywood star – and the most important part of this is undoubtedly the prom dress itself. Shopping for the special gown takes time and should be a fun experience, and as Bethany’s Boutique in The Collective is giving you 10% off Prom Dresses during this half term holiday – we’re bringing you our top tips for finding ‘the’ dress…


  1. Set your Budget


Have a rough budget in mind before you start to shop so that everyone is on the same page. Luckily, Bethany’s Boutique’s prom dresses start from just £40.00.


  1. Avoid Gamble of Online Shopping



Most of us have been there; you order an item of clothing online and when it arrives it can be rather disappointing. What you see on screen doesn’t always look as good when it arrives in the post! There are occasions when you just can’t beat shopping in person.


  1. Allow Time


Give yourself plenty of time to not only find the dress but for any alterations that may be needed. Leaving it until the last minute will be stressful for everyone.


  1. Know your style/body type


Think about what style clothes you like to wear and which pieces from your wardrobe do you really love? Think shape, length and style. There are lots of options – A Line, maxi, midi, mermaid, strapless, backless… the list goes on – so it’s worth trying lots of styles but stay true to your gut instinct.


  1. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize…


Accessories can make or break an outfit. For simple dresses there’s scope to go all out with jewellery. If the dress has lots of glitz – go with simple, minimal accessories. Most importantly have fun trying accessories out…what you wear with the dress is almost as important as the dress itself.


  1. Enjoy it!


It’s a special shopping trip and needs to be fun, so take your time and make the most of an appointment at Bethany’s Boutique where you’ll have the whole shop to yourself and expert advice on hand.


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