More than ever, these past two years have taught us to value the shops that we love and explore what’s on our doorstep. Shrewsbury is a gem of a market town with cobbled streets, medieval architecture and a wealth of shops, cafes and restaurants (many locally owned) so we’re proud to call it home. In fact, just this week The Sun Newspaper has sung the town’s praises as a go-to shopping destination.


So, why should you buy locally…


The positive effects of choosing to shop at local businesses spread far and wide:


Boosting the Lifeblood of your Local Economy


Spending in local or small businesses means your money gets ploughed back into the local economy. It builds connections within the community and causes a ripple effect as local businesses support local suppliers, as well as providing employment opportunities. Local businesses are also likely to support causes close home such as charities, events and other organisations, so buying from them means more can be given back to your community.


Bricks and Mortar Experience


In the last couple of years when many of us have been pushed out of our normal routines, some purchases have been forced to move online. So it’s no surprise that we are now savouring the immersive shopping experience and businesses have grabbed this opportunity to warmly welcome us back into their shops. It’s reassuring to know that all of the businesses in The Darwin Centre are working hard to make shopping here as safe and enjoyable as possible for you.


Many of us are tired of the endless to-ing and fro-ing to the post office returning items that don’t suit so it’s a relief so cut the hassle and buy in store. Scientists have discovered that shopping in person has huge stimulative, positive effects, too. Colourful and cheery displays in store give us an emotional boost – and who doesn’t need a bit of that, in fact…


It’s True – Retail Therapy does Make us Happier!


Studies from the Journal of Consumer Psychology found that retail therapy not only makes people happier immediately, but it can also fight lingering sadness. Psychologists have found that visiting your favourite store, even if just window shopping, has a therapeutic effect on our brains.


Supporting Local Entrepreneurs and Talent


Many of the fabulous businesses in Shrewsbury, particularly in The Collective at Darwin, are owned/run by local artists, designers and entrepreneurs. Having thriving artisan shops and restaurants helps shape communities and becomes its own selling point – a great boost for Shrewsbury itself. In buying from designers and boutiques such as Val B’s Wax Jewellery in The Collective, and Meg Hawkins Art in The Darwin Centre, to name a few, you’re buying something designed and made in Shropshire. All of the stores at The Collective are independently owned so you’re supporting a business dream and the next generation of designers.

Better for the Environment


We’re all conscious about reducing our carbon footprint and shopping locally is a simple way you can reduce mileage and emissions. What better than a stroll into town to do your shopping, or a short drive/cycle/bus ride. Green and ethical consumption is also more important now than ever before, so check out Green Options Zero Waste Shrewsbury in The Darwin Centre for environmentally friendly alternatives and refills.

So, what you can do this year to support your local businesses?


  • Let your Feet do the Talking

We all have to strike a balance between managing busy lives and making time to shop, but where you can – choose your local shops and embrace your home town.


  • Shout-Outs on Socials

Nothing spreads good news like word of mouth and personal recommendation, so next time a local business makes you smile, give them a shout out on social media.


  • Share the Love

Writing a review on their Google My Business page, website or Facebook page is also a really valuable way of showing your support.


  • Sign up for Loyalty Schemes

Do your favourite Shrewsbury businesses have customer loyalty or rewards schemes? By signing up to these you create a win-win; savings and rewards for you and valuable support for them.



For more about The Collective at Darwin, see the full list of stores here, follow them on Facebook: The Collective at Darwin and on Instagram at @thecollectiveatdarwin

To keep up to date about what Shrewsbury has to offer, check out Original Shrewsbury.