We’re  pleased to announce that a brand-new vintage fashion store called Shelovedpreloved, will open within The Collective this Saturday 18th March.


Local Shrewsbury resident Lizzie Sutton created the brand. She is focussed on changing people’s perceptions of buying second hand clothes. She suffered years of domestic abuse and financial manipulation and never had any money to buy new clothes for herself or her three children and became totally reliant on shopping in charity shops. Following the brave decision to leave her abusive partner in 2019, she realised she had to start again and make a living. She wanted to have her own business and worked within several charity shops initially, gathering knowledge of the retail industry and how to run a shop.


Then in 2021 she felt ready to launch her fashion brand online, selling both modern high street and designer clothes alongside vintage and retro pieces. The business quickly became successful, and she then felt ready to set up a bricks and mortar store. She wanted to operate from an established retail destination that would be able to offer her support and The Darwin seemed like the best possible location to bring her business to her local community.


The store will sell high street fashion brands for men and women initially, with the long-term goal to offer children’s fashion too. Items are sourced from across the UK, then cleaned and repaired so they look virtually brand new.


As a domestic abuse survivor, Lizzie is also dedicated to helping other victims and survivors and raising awareness of the support facilities available in Shropshire. She has created a giving element to her store called Shop Purple Collection where the public are encouraged to donate second-hand purple clothing. Lizzie then cleans and repairs items to sell within the store – all funds raised are then passed to Domestic Abuse Support Services.


Lizzie Sutton Owner of Shelovedpreloved, “I am hugely passionate about the second hand fashion market and want to change the often-negative connotations people have of buying used clothes. Once cleaned and repaired my items look virtually brand new and for a fraction of the cost. It is also a socially responsible way to shop by helping to support the environment and reduce landfill. Shop Purple is a very important strand to the store, and I really hope the Shropshire community supports this initiative so we can raise much needed funds for Domestic Abuse charities within the town – some of which helped me to rebuild my life.”