Did you know it’s ‘Plastic Free July’? There are plenty things each person can do to reduce their plastic waste, but where do you start? We caught up with Green Options Zero Waste, our resident refill store, who gave us some top tips on simple swaps you can easily incorporate into everyday life.

Use your local refill shop
All you have to do is bring your own container and you can fill up on all your cupboard essentials (and a few cheeky treats!) without unnecessary plastic packaging. We have a full product and price list online at greenoptionszerowaste.co.uk.

Ditch Wet Wipes
Did you know that plastic is a major component of these single use items? Whether you’re removing your make up or cleaning your messy little one’s faces, pre-soaked bamboo cloths and cotton face rounds are the perfect swap that can be used again and again.

Water Bottles
7.7 billion get used every year in the UK alone. Water is a freely available from cafes, pubs, service stations…. or anywhere with a tap! The average person gets through 150 a year so it makes sense for the planet and your pocket to invest in a reusable water bottle. Plus, our Qwetch bottles will keep your water cold for 24 hours so no more lukewarm water! Which leads us on to…

Disposable Coffee Cups
Unable to forego your morning cup of coffee on your commute? It is well worth investing in a reusable coffee cup. These reusable cups keep your coffee hot, prevent you from using disposable options and can even bag you discounts in participating cafes! If you keep forgetting you cup, the ‘Shrewsbury Cup’ scheme allows you to pay a £1 deposit on a reusable cup that can be returned to participating shops and reused.

Washing Up Utensils
If you take a look at your kitchen sink, you’ll probably see sponges, cloths, brushes and washing up containers that all contain unnecessary plastic. Simply swaps can easily be made to make your kitchen squeaky clean and green! We have a range of great reusable alternatives available such as loofah sponges, bamboo cloths and wooden brushes. When it’s time to freshen up your collection, these can be easily composted.

Fiddly, unrecyclable and flimsy… why not swap your single use clingfilm for reusable wax wraps? These storage essentials keep your food fresh, can be washed and reused countless times and even come in a range of stunning styles and designs!

Disposable Nappies
Did you know that you can save over £1000 in disposable nappies if you use cloth ones? While reusable nappies can save you a lot of money, they can save you an awful lot of space in your bins too! It’s worth seeing if you have a local nappy library to try out designs and swap information with other parents. We sell Baba + Boo nappies in store which last all the way from when your baby is 9lbs all the way to fully-fledged, potty-trained master.