Dog Friendly – Petiquette

Well behaved dogs are welcome at The Darwin Centre!

As a Dog Friendly centre, please feel free to bring your dog into The Darwin when you visit, however we ask that you check with individual stores for their policy on allowing dogs in-store. Most stores that are dog friendly will have the following ‘Dog Friendly’ badge in their front window, some stores may not show this badge due to window display restrictions but will still be dog friendly, so it is always best to check with the individual store when entering.

Your dog(s) remains your responsibility whilst on these premises.

Doggy Dos and Don’ts!

If you bring your dog to The Darwin Centre, we ask you to please follow the simple petiquette outlined below to ensure an enjoyable visit for all.

  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times while visiting The Darwin Centre.
  • Please ask stores for their individual doggy policy.
  • Please don’t leave your dog unattended or unsupervised at any time.
  • Please do not let your dog onto the escalators for their own safety.
  • Please don’t let your dog cause a nuisance by barking, jumping up at or pestering fellow shoppers.
  • Please clean up after your dog as you would in public.
  • Please contact the centre team if you have any queries.

The following stores and restaurants are also dog friendly, and welcome well behaved pooches (and their owners). 

Look out for the following badge on display in windows of dog friendly stores.

The Darwin Centre

Body Shop

(Badge not on display due to restrictions)

DVD Mega Store

F. Hinds
(Badge not on display due to restrictions)

Card Factory


JD Sports


Costa Coffee
(Applies to mall area only)

Shepherd Hills Furniture

Frankie’s Café

Time Piece Watch Repairs


Shrewsbury Duck Store

Tubeway Records