Shrewsbury’s own DVD Megastore and Buttercup Bookshop have entered into an exciting new chapter as they have expanded into an bigger location on the middle level of The Darwin Centre. Local entrepreneur and force behind the businesses; Estaban Bridges, has been on an incredible journey over the past few years. The success story is great example of why we should continue to champion small, locally owned businesses as we head into 2023.

 The business started out as a simple table-top display of just 150 DVDs in the Shrewsbury indoor market. With support from the Prince’s Trust, DVD Megastore went on to a permanent store in Shrewsbury’s town centre, eventually finding a home in The Darwin Centre at The Collective; a dedicated space in Shrewsbury’s centre for independent stores. The brand was joined by Buttercup Bookshop, fuelled by Estaban’s own love of books and wish to establish a space for pre-loved books and promotional space for local authors.

 “Over the last 7 years we have constantly worked towards expanding the sizes and ranges of products available. We now boast over 10,000 DVDs, boxsets and games. We also sell official merchandise, headsets and controllers, too.” Estaban Bridges

Supporting projects like The Collective is key to underpinning a local economy, providing employment opportunities and supporting affordable, accessible routes to market for independent enterprises.

“It is essential that we allow enthusiastic business creators the possibility to test the market for their concepts and products and that we are able to provide the opportunity for local independent entrepreneurs to have a positive, cost effective and progressive stepping stone to potentially, life supporting self-employment and economy boosting enterprise. Areas like The Collective allow this much needed space for new businesses, to not only be created, but; also to continue to thrive thereafter.”

Estaban also owns the popular Darwin’s Barbers, which is also based in The Collective at Darwin.

 You can find the newly relocated DVD Megastore and Buttercup Bookshop on the middle level of the Darwin Centre, and If you’re feeling inspired by Estaban’s enthusiasm for independent businesses, head over to The Collective where you can find more locally run shops.