With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here we share some simple ideas for couples to do to celebrate the day, as a couple or friends.

If you’re not in the same household, here are some fun ideas that be done virtually…

  1. Start a joint lockdown diary – one day we’ll all look back on this pandemic and probably won’t remember what was going through our heads, so why not keep a note of how you are both feeling, and what you’re thinking with a joint lockdown diary.
  2. Make a music playlist for each other – gone are the days of making a mixed tape, now we have Spotify, Deezer, and CD burners. In fact, you can even create a keyring with a scannable playlist/song on it. Who knew right?
  3. Why not create a joint Pinterest account or shared board? Whether you’re planning on traveling to loads of places when this is all over or hoping to maybe move in together or just need some inspiration for some fun activities to do when we’re back to normal, having one place to share these ideas and where to find them is a great idea.
  4. If you haven’t done so already, organise a movie night with popcorn and drinks whilst on a video call to each other. Find a film neither of you have seen before – that way no spoilers from anyone!
  5. If you’re both a bit competitive, there are tons of online multiplayer games out there. If PlayStation or Xbox isn’t your thing then there’s always mobile apps and other free websites. We like a bit of ‘Words with friends’ ourselves.
  6. Why not have a dine-in night over a video call? Just choose a recipe, cook together and share your tips with each other. Then when all is prepared sit down with a glass of your favourite beveragino and tuck in.
  7. Of course if cooking isn’t your thing, then you can opt to order each other your favourite take away, with some sweet treats to go with.
  8. There is no excuse not to treat each other this lockdown Valentine’s Day. A surprise delivery of flowers or chocolates will always go down a treat and M&S and Lipsitck & Gin offer some great options for this.
  9. Make the most of the time to get to know each other better, play games like ‘20 questions’ ,‘never have I ever’ or ‘would you rather’.
  10. Finally, why not learn something new together! There are loads of online courses and workshops that you can both get involved in.

Now for those of you who live together, here are some ideas to do on Valentine’s Day together at home.

  1. Feeling creative? Why not try recording your own parody of one of your favourite scenes – Tik Tok is a great little app for such things.
  2. Missing the outdoors? ‘Faux Camping’ is a great way of getting out there! Grab your tent and sleeping bags (duvet and pillows will suffice if not) and set up in the garden. It may be a fresh wakeup call in the morning, but a night out under the stars might just be worth it (checks at weather app). Though, if the outdoors isn’t your thing, then pitching a tent in your living room, might be just as fun!
  3. Take a trip down memory lane, break out the photo albums and go through each other’s childhood photos.
  4. They say YouTube has a video for everything and they’re not wrong! The limitless supply of challenge videos, like ‘try not to laughs’, ‘how-tos’ and so much more, will keep you entertained for hours!
  5. Have a go at one of the many ‘5 minute crafts’ DIY videos – these tend to involve using everyday household items, but they can get a bit bizarre.
  6. If we didn’t win you over with ‘faux camping’, then how about a ‘sofa fort’ movie night with blankets and cushions to keep you cosy! Then all you need is a selection of crisps and dips, something fizzy and a movie that you both agree on. We’d go for something light-hearted – nobody needs tears brought on right now, we’ve got enough going on.
  7. Have a pamper / makeover session together – the rules are that you have no say over what the other does, make sure you take before and after pics.
  8. Have a little lockdown at home photoshoot, find a well-lit area (preferably in daylight) with a plain background or use a bedsheet then make some posed memories together. Top tip: photos taken on your phone can be made to look like a pro has taken them with apps like Snapseed.
  9. Prepare a games night! Break out some classic games if you have them like Scrabble or Snakes and ladders, or have a friendly game of poker with your own rules and forfeits.
  10. Be the Sherlock and Watson you always knew you were! Try your hand at solving some online mysteries – elementary!

However, you choose to share Valentine’s Day with your special someone, have a ‘lovely’ day!