So many businesses have had a tough time over the past year, the Coronavirus pandemic has been, and continues to be incredibly testing, both financially and mentally. Supporting Shrewsbury businesses is vital now more than ever, during these times and in the coming months.


Businesses up and down the country have shown huge amounts of resilience; diversifying, delivering, offering click and collect and getting online. They’ve taken action to make sure their businesses survive and so that they can continue to offer their products and services to you as best possible. They do this because they care. The independent businesses here in Shrewsbury are no exception.


If businesses haven’t been able to offer their services, they’ve shown up with tips, supported each other and offered advice. Many will have been more worried behind the scenes than perhaps has always been visible.

The businesses here in The Collective have taken an exciting step and moved into new shops.

Independent businesses are the backbone of communities; they provide so much more than simply what they sell. But what they sell is usually unique, chosen by them to stock or make with care and you’ll get a personal service when you buy.

Each time you spend, you have the option to support a local business. Local businesses thriving means the local economy thrives, as they are more likely to spend and employ within the local community too. It creates a circle that can give the town a real buzz and where you feel a part of something special.

It’s understandable that you may not feel comfortable going out like previously, but book appointments for the future, order online, order to collect, get takeaway or buy gift cards so these businesses know that you appreciate them.

Word of mouth goes a long way in helping these businesses remain successful long into the future – leave them reviews if they have provided you with something lovely or a good service. Follow them on social media, many will be more active on there now than previously. Positive feedback also gives a boost to them and their staff in these uncertain times.


The Collective has a fabulous mix of businesses – there’s something for everyone! Whether you are after a special piece of handmade jewellery, clothing, a film, a record, to pamper yourself or to simply grab a coffee. The businesses that have moved into The Collective at The Darwin so far are Val B’s Wax Jewellery, Heavenly Brides, Tubeway Records, Sydneys Café, DVD Megastore, Jennico , iRehab, Portofolio, Beauty InBox. These will be joined by Buttercup Books, coming soon.


It has always been important to support local and independent businesses, but now it is more so than ever.